Software Engineering Intern
San Francisco, California

Payments Processing Team
Improved automatic failover by creating a tool for manipulating routing service configuration and using an experimentation framework to optimize failover criteria using Java, Ruby, React.


Software Engineering Intern
Menlo Park, California

Probability Team
Worked with research scientists and engineers on dynamic config optimization system using Python, Hack, and Thrift.


Software Engineering Intern
New York City, New York

Derivatives Infrastructure Team
Created a time series analysis service to cluster correlated system components, identify bottlenecks, and detect anomaly states using Python.

Differential Privacy Group

Undergraduate Researcher (Rachel Cummings, PhD)
Atlanta, Georgia

Differentially Private Synthetic Data Generation via GANs

Robot Learning Lab

Undergraduate Researcher (Byron Boots, PhD)
Atlanta, Georgia

EEG modeling using GANs


Undergraduate Researcher (Melody Jackson, PhD)
Atlanta, Georgia

Moodlens Hardware
Affect Detection